The first shipment from the new plant!

20 November 2023
The first shipment from the new plant!

ERGA has shipped the first batch of its products to a customer in Central Asia: six pieces of suspended magnetic separator with automatic cleaning SuspendMag A.

Our customer is faced with the task of separating the slags and returning magnetic metal fraction to smelters. And further, the production of inert materials for road construction from tailings.

ERGA SuspendMag A will be used for slag processing and its further recycling.

These workhorses are irreplaceable in process lines and have been used for years in mining. Nowadays they become popular in the waste recycling industry as well.

The main advantages of its application are:

  • getting high-quality aggregates from nonmagnetic fraction and
  • reducing CO2 emissions and power consumption in further metallurgical process.

You can also contact us with your project or inquiry at or +90(232)-232-37-42

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