Equipment diagnostics

Based on diagnostics results, ERGA specialists prepare a report consisting of an explanatory note, reports on study of process control and design documentation, visual inspection, diagnostics assessment checklist and effective part within 10 days.

Equipment diagnostics includes:

1. Analysis of process control and design documentation of the inspected equipment.

2. Equipment inspection.

3. Diagnostics of individual components and assemblies using specialized nondestructive control instruments.

4. Measurements of magnetic induction (for magnetic separators and iron removers) / Metal detection test (for metal detectors)

5. Preparation of report on the results of diagnostics.

Equipment audit is aimed at:

  • Obtaining information about real technical condition of the equipment
  • Identification of the reasons for increased wear
  • Determination of units to be repaired (replaced)
  • Residual operation life assessment
  • Providing recommendations for maintenance or complete replacement of equipment