Installation and construction work

Installation and construction works.
Turnkey installation.


Specialists of the design bureau and service department travel to the customer’s site to make measurements and schemes: they inspect the installation site, receive all the necessary materials from the customer, get oral recommendations, etc. (specific for every case).


  • Manufacturing of equipment in accordance with design documentation
  • Acceptance testing with the customer’s representative
  • Equipment transfer to the customer for internal control


Prior to installation the customer's representative is provided with:

  • Work schedule
  • List of required documents for admission to work
  • List of employees admitted to work

On the appointed day the team arrives at installation site and carries out them in accordance with the work schedule.

Upon completion of work:

  • Acceptance tests are carried out
  • Required documents are issued
  • Work completion report is signed with the customer’s representative
  • Installation and construction works
  • Installation work
  • Dismantling and installation of magnetic separators and metal detectors
  • Welding works (carried out by a certified welder)
  • Installation power supply lines up to 1000 V
  • Wire (twisted pair, signal cables) installation, construction of communication lines
  • Installation of conveyor systems of our own production
  • Installation of waste sorting lines and other RSL types
  • Commissioning of power supply automation
  • Commissioning of electric machines and electric drives
  • Commissioning of automation systems, signaling and interconnected devices
  • Integrated setup of systems
  • Commissioning of telemetric equipment (video surveillance)