Separation of recyclables

for testing mineral and industrial raw materials

A wide range of activities
is carried out in ERGA Innovation Centre
from development of recycling technology
to selection of equipment for separation of:

  • ferrous and nonferrous scrap including stainless steel
  • plastic waste (mixtures of polymers - PVC + LDPE, PET + PVC, ABS + PS, PP + PE, etc.)
  • shredded cable, printed circuit boards, WEEE, batteries, etc.
  • crushed solid municipal waste (tires, PET bottles, plastic windows, etc.)
  • internal and external cullet

Equipment used for research:

  • Dry magnetic drum separators
  • Eddy current separators
  • Electrostatic and triboelectrostatic separators
  • Air separators
  • Jaw and cone crushers