Beneficiation technology

for testing mineral and industrial raw materials

A wide range of activities
is carried out in ERGA Innovation Centre
from development of beneficiation technology
to selection of equipment for separation of:

  • ferrous metal ores (magnetite, siderite, martite, manganese, chromite)
  • nonferrous metal ores (copper, copper-nickel, antimony ores)
  • rare metal ores (tin-tungsten, tantalum-niobium, monazite, titanium-zirconium)
  • nonmetallic raw materials (glass sands, garnetiferous sands, feldspar, dolomite, wollastonite)

Equipment used for testing:

  • Wet and dry magnetic drum separators
  • Wet and dry roll separators
  • Electrostatic and triboelectrostatic separators
  • Air separators
  • Spiral separators and rotary tray tables
  • Concentrating tables
  • Jaw and cone crushers