Service contract

A service contract is an additional agreement entered into by the customer and the supplier (service center, dealer of the supplier) in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment during the entire period of the service contract.

Service contract types:

1. One year of additional warranty (for new equipment) in case of equipment malfunction. The supplier undertakes to fully restore the equipment. The service does not cover replacement of consumables and cases when equipment malfunction occurred due to unprofessional actions of the maintenance and operating personnel, illegal actions of the third parties and emergencies.

Additional conditions:

  • An additional year of warranty is given only for new equipment at the time of signing of the delivery contract
  • Payment to be made within 14 days after signing the contract

2. Maintenance and repair (for equipment less than 5 years old) can include the following services:

- Scheduled maintenance: arrival of a service specialist for maintenance in accordance with the pre-approved schedule.

- Unscheduled maintenance (refurbishment): arrival of a service specialist at the customer’s request.

- Departure to the customer within 24 hours after receipt of the request.

- Delivery of spare parts in 24 hours (the amount for which spare parts can be supplied is negotiated when concluding the contract).

- Remote technical support 24/7 by phone or email.

Additional conditions:

  • Payment under the agreement is made in a lump sum on the day of the agreement signing and includes maintenance, diagnostics, supply of spare parts and consumables
  • The conditions and scope of services are negotiated when concluding a service contract
  • Payment for repairs in excess of the agreed volume is made upon completion of work