New developments for profitable production of recycled aluminum.

15 February 2024
New developments for profitable production of recycled aluminum.
Recently, the new ERGA Innovation Centre has conducted tests on the development of dry technology for the processing of aluminum slag. The aim of the research was the developing of equipment for a processing line with a capacity of up to 10 tons per hour, producing secondary aluminum suitable for non-ferrous metallurgy.

The tests involved magnetic separators such as:
  • Self-discharging ERGA DrumMag magnetic drum separator
  • Crushing equipment
  • Eddy current magnetic separator ERGA EddyFlow VF
  • Jaw crushers for obtaining different material coarseness
  • ERGA VS vibrating screen

A preliminary industrial sample of material weighing more than 300 kg was crushed to a coarseness of 10 mm and divided into representative parts. The first material was investigated without separation by coarseness class. The second material was processed according to particle size distribution. The third material was investigated according to -10+5 mm and -5+0 mm coarseness classes.

After the effective separation, the customer was supplied with the developed aluminum slag processing line with a test-proven efficient separation scheme. The research demonstrated the feasibility of using a classifying screen in the technological line with subsequent magnetic and eddy current separation by size grade. The yield of non-ferrous fraction in the form of secondary aluminum was 5%!

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