Application of magnets for grain

11 March 2018
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Magnetic separation methods are widely used to remove ferromagnetic inclusions from various bulk materials such as grain, flour, cereals, animal feed and many others. As a rule, magnets for grain are installed in vertical gravity pipes of round or square cross-section or sloped sections.

Research and Production Company «ERGA» is a specialized enterprise that solves the problems of product cleaning and protecting equipment in grain processing and flour-and-cereal industries. We design, develop, manufacture and successfully install high-tech equipment that provides solutions to the set tasks.

Magnetic separators for grain cleaning

For cleaning the products in grain processing and flour-and-cereal industries we have designed and manufacture separators of ERGA PlateMag, ERGA SMK and ERGA PullMag series. These machines have passed all the necessary tests of the Department for Supervision of Explosive and Chemically Hazardous Industries, and we received Industrial Safety Expert Conclusion issued by the State Institution "Moscow State Machine Testing Station".

In particular, ERGA PlateMag series magnets for grain are effectively used in many processing plants at points of raw material acceptance from vehicles and railway cars. At the stage of grain incoming for processing, we recommend using ERGA PlateMag 3 magnetic separators instead of already existing bucket elevator foot. The advantage of this solution is that it is an exact copy of your elevator and can be perfectly integrated into the production line. We manufacture separators with capacity from 15 to 350 tons per hour.

For cleaning of raw materials or already finished product at other stages, we have developed special ERGA PlateMag 1 magnets for grain (bended elbow) and PlateMag 2 magnetic separator for grain. They are installed in gravity pipes with round and square cross-section. Our solution is distinguished favorably by simple installation and subsequent maintenance.

Another special solution - ERGA SuspendMag P is used for cleaning the product from iron impurities in transportation of grain on the conveyor belt. This device fits harmoniously into the existing production line and does not require changes in its design.

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