Metal separator or tramp metal remover

11 March 2019
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Metal separator or tramp metal remover
The task of such devices as a tramp metal remover or, in other words, a metal separator, is to detect foreign metal inclusions in raw materials in order to improve product quality and protect equipment from possible damage. Metal separators bring not only benefits to production, but in many cases are a necessary safety measure, and here's why.

1. Tramp metal getting into mechanisms and machines can cause breakdowns, and therefore lead to processing line stop and need for repairs. Metal separator can protect against such damages and expenses in production, effectively removing such inclusions from the raw material flow.

2. At facilities processing vegetable stock and plant raw materials or at other explosive productions tramp steel elements can cause a spark that can trigger explosion of the dust-air mixture. The importance of cleaning raw materials is difficult to overestimate.

3. For companies that value their reputation in the market, the presence of impurities in products is absolutely unacceptable, because this can cause irreparable damage. After all, everyone knows, reputation is built for years, but can be lost in a moment.

Operation principle

When material passes through the operating zone of the metal separator, metal material is attracted to the separator surface. Tramp metal separators manufactured by Research and Production Company Erga has high accuracy and reliability, and application of permanent magnets provides its operation without additional power supply.

It should be noted that there are other types with other operation principles, however, permanent magnet separator is a highly efficient system successfully used in many industrial applications. It is important to note that cleaning of raw materials at the stage of acceptance is not an absolute guarantee of the absence of impurities in the final product. The fact is that various metal particles, scale and other contaminants get into the product during production due to processing and equipment wear.

Production and installation

Metal separator and tramp metal remover are strictly regulated in terms of installation. They are installed in accordance with international quality standards as well as Industrial safety rules for explosion and fire hazardous production facilities for storage, processing and use of vegetable raw materials.

Research and Production Company «ERGA» produces a wide range of solutions that are widely applied in various industries. Our tramp metal separators recover all types of metal. These are stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, ferromagnetic alloys, etc. Thus, the metal form does not matter at all, whether it is insulated, covered with a protective film or not. This feature significantly expands application of our products.

Types of metal separators

ERGA produces a wide range of solutions based on NdFeB permanent magnets. For more products see Magnetic separators.

Our products have Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate and materials used in their manufacture are approved for application in food industry with all the required certificates.

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