ERGA is launching new production facility in Izmir, Turkiye

18 October 2023
ERGA is launching new production facility in Izmir, Turkiye

On October 27th, 2023 the global designer and manufacturer of complex separation equipment ERGA will launch its new production facility in Izmir, Turkiye.

Manufacturing in Turkiye will significantly reduce logistic burden for our clients and partners in Middle East, Central Asia, Northern Africa and many others regions.

In Izmir we will produce the following equipment for mining and recycling industries:

One of the most significant things in opening the new plant is its most prominent part – ERGA Innovation Centre. It's an innovative testing laboratory for minerals and industrial raw materials: over 30 types of modern equipment for separation and ore dressing.

ERGA Innovation Centre is equipped with the latest laboratory and industrial models of the company's magnetic, electrostatic, and gravity separators. It gives our customers an opportunity to evaluate efficiency of the offered equipment in practice. They can easily conduct sample material composition tests and pilot tests followed by selection of processing equipment and technology specifically for their purposes.

This launch is to become a significant step in ERGA technology expansion worldwide.

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