A modern high-tech crushing and screening complex for steel slag recycling, installed at the slag disposal site of the electrometallurgical plant produces metal scrap (commercial metal concentrate) and sized aaggregates.
  • Problem description:

Recycling of waste stockpiles with subsequent return of metal concentrate into production is an actual task for smelters. Unlike the technologies of past decades, modern complete solutions provide feasible recovery of metals from slag, turning waste into a profitable source of recyclables.

Contacting ERGA to solve his problem, based on the calculations, the results of laboratory tests and reliable justifications, the Customer made a reasoned decision to build a modern crushing and screening complex on the site of his slag stockpiles. With the help of the new plant, it is planned to process all the slag (about 8 million tons) accumulated for over 80 years of the enterprise's production activities within the coming 10 years.

  • Automatic turnkey complex solution

ERGA accomplished a full range of services from design to installation and commissioning of crushing and screening complex for processing of steel slag on the territory of the Customer's landfill.

All separators in the line are equipped with automatic cleaning system and provide recovery and cleaning of scrap, which is suitable for further melting in steel furnace. The entire process can be controlled by one operator with the control panel. Monitoring of critical points can be via video conferencing at the operator's site or remotely via Internet.

  • Output high purity metal concentrate

As a rule, the issue of magnetic separation is not given sufficient attention in conventional crushing and screening plants, and manufacturers of crushers select the separators. From their point of view, the more powerful the magnet is, the better, which is a key mistake. "Strong magnet" will extract even weakly magnetic fraction from the input, as a result, there will be a significant contamination in the magnetic fraction.

How to choose the magnetic field strength? ERGA experienced specialists deal with this issue, developing not a product, but a complex for slag processing, selecting the most efficient process for the raw material and with lower expenses for producing the end products required by the Customer.

  • 3 stages of crushing for scrap cleaning

An atypical approach to slag cleaning was applied in this project, since the input after magnetic separation is fed into the crusher; the magnetic component is cleaned from impurities to pure metal in several stages. Multi-stage crushing of slag combined with magnetic separation provides maximum clean metal output, metal concentrate with iron content over 80%.

  • Operation 24/7 in harsh conditions

Successful experience in supply of complex equipment for a variety of customers’ requirements enabled us to carry out the planned startup and commissioning of the complex without any serious remarks and difficulties, despite severe weather conditions, wind load, temperature conditions of the Far East, high abrasiveness and dustiness of the product (slag).

  • Green and safe technologies

All line components have low power consumption and also help to reduce power consumption in further production of metals and other materials, increase metal recycling rate and reduce consumption of natural resources and amount of slag disposal in landfills. The equipment is made in compliance with all safety requirements and standards: all the necessary fences, markings, well-thought-out ergonomics for operation and maintenance are ensured. All machines are equipped with emergency shutdown systems.

Slag is a rather dusty product, so most of the machines have protective covers to reduce dust emissions into the atmosphere, and the crusher has its own aspiration system.

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The complex is implemented in full compliance with the stated requirements of the Customer, including, among others:
  • Installation of the complex on the existing site of the enterprise
  • Installation and commissioning of the complex within short timeframe before severe cold weather
  • Use of heavy-duty equipment from the leading manufacturers, adapted to the harsh weather conditions of the Far East
  • Meeting the requirements for the automation of the complex with monitoring of operation, downtime, including emergency
  • Equipping with a video surveillance system
  • Local and remote monitoring of the complex performance
  • Workplace illumination
ERGA provides a full range of services within implementation of slag stockpile recycling projects on a turnkey basis in accordance with the Customer’s specifications:
  • Conducting laboratory tests
  • Selection of recycling process with maximum extraction of valuable components
  • Engineering and development
  • Selection of equipment, completing line/complex components
  • Installation and commissioning
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