Aluminum slag recycling line recovers aluminum scrap, purified from magnetic impurities (ferrous metal) and slag.
  • Problem description:

Processing of nonferrous metal slags is an actual task, which helps to return thousands tons of metal dumps into production. Introduction of the closed-loop economy principles, environmental scarcity, and aggravation of the ecological safety problem determine the need to search for sources of secondary raw materials, processing and increasing its share in the overall structure of production.

Aluminum slag is formed in the process of the production of primary aluminum, aluminum alloys and alloyed products, and after recycling of aluminum scrap and materials. The slag formed in different industries differs in the content of aluminum, aluminum oxide and flux. As a rule, slags contain from 5 to 80% aluminum in various forms, from free metal to oxides.

Based on the conducted laboratory testing, ERGA specialists developed optimum process solution for complete processing of aluminum production slag in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. A simple solution ensures production of the recyclables ready for reuse in smelting and production, which reduces the loss of non-ferrous metal.

  • Automatic turnkey complex solution

ERGA accomplished a full range of services from design to installation and commissioning of aluminum slag recycling line on the Customer's production site.

ERGA DrumMag - EddyFlow separator used as part of the complex is equipped with automatic cleaning system and recovers ferrous and nonferrous metals, suitable for further profitable sale.

The plant has integrated REMOS remote monitoring system, providing monitoring of the line operation, detecting emergency downtimes, generating automatic operating time reports, and signaling about PPM time.

  • 2 stages of magnetic separation in one plant

ERGA DrumMag-EddyFlow separator consists of a vibrating feeder, drum and eddy current separators installed in series on one supporting frame. The vibratory feeder provides uniform feed of the aluminum slag to the magnetic separation zone. Downstream ERGA DrumMag drum magnetic separator removes ferromagnetic inclusions from the feed slag, and ERGA EddyFlow eddy current magnetic separator provides high level of recovery of nonferrous metal with production of ready marketable products.

  • Green and safe technologies

The line provides separation of the feed product into slag, aluminum scrap and magnetic impurities without using hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical methods for processing waste aluminum-containing slag, which is a more environmentally friendly solution.

All line components have low power consumption and also help to reduce power consumption in further production of metals and other materials, increase metal recycling rate and reduce consumption of natural resources and amount of slag disposal in landfills. The equipment is made in compliance with all safety requirements and standards.

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Spare parts kit is provided to ensure continuous operation of the line including:
  • A set of belts for conveyor equipment
  • Fiberglass shell of the eddy current separator rotor
  • ERGA BSM magnetic separator shell
ERGA provides a full range of services within implementation of aluminum slag recycling projects on a turnkey basis in accordance with the Customer’s specifications:
  • Conducting laboratory tests
  • Selection of recycling process with maximum extraction of valuable components
  • Engineering and development
  • Selection of equipment, completing complex components
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance service
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