ERGA vibrating feeders (vibratory feeder, vibro feeders) are used for bulk and lumpy material discharge from hoppers or uniform and dosed feeding to components of processing plants and lines.

  • Wide range of designs and applications

ERGA vibrating feeders can have enclosed or open tray, inclined or horizontal design, suspended construction or on supporting frame, with optional grate. Application in complex solutions in metallurgy, mining, food, chemical and recycling industries dictates requirements to tray lining, dimensions and standard or rugged design, which are designed, calculated and tested before delivery to the client.

  • High-strength steel construction

High-strength steel is used in vibratory feeder construction for reliable and long operation of the equipment, also operating surfaces are additionally lined with wear-resistant materials to increase service life.

  • Adjustable feed rate and immediate stop

Fine adjustment of material feed rate is possible with a variable frequency drive that controls speed of motor-vibrators. Vibration amplitude of the vibrators can be adjusted by changing angle of the eccentric mass. Material feed stops immediately when the power is turned off on the control panel.

  • Protection of downstream equipment

Vibratory feed of material on the operating surfaces of other equipment (separators, conveyors) ensures uniform loading, high-quality monolayer material flow and high efficiency without jamming and downtime, thereby protecting equipment downstream in the line.

  • Reliability and durability

Simple and robust design of ERGA feeder provides easy installation, capability of continuous operation and minimum maintenance for a long time. During design the vibratory feeder construction is subject to strength and frequency analysis using finite element method, which helps to avoid premature damage from vibration during operation. After manufacturing stage, the product undergoes thorough inspection and tests under load for 16 hours to identify any defects.

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ERGA product portfolio includes various models of ERGA vibrating feeders manufactured and delivered as ancillary equipment for feeding individual machines (ERGA separators) as part of dosing hoppers.
You can additionally order spare parts kit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment:
  • lining

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