Research and Production Company “ERGA” manufactures complete plants and lines for concentration of alluvial and primary ores, processing of secondary materials, including magnetic and electrostatic separation.

  • Obtaining high-quality concentrates with purity up to 99,8%

Magnetic and electrostatic schemes for beneficiation and recovery of mineral raw materials (titanium-zirconium, garnet, quartz-feldspar sands, tungsten-cassiterite, columbite-tantalite, chromium, gold- and diamond-bearing ores) and for processing industrial material (waste of electronic and electrical equipment, regeneration of abrasive materials, metallurgical (smelters’) slags) can consist of several stages of separation on ERGA DrumMag M magnetic drum separators, ERGA RollMag dry high intensity magnetic roll separators and ELKRON electrostatic and triboelectrostatic separators.

Separators with special patented permanent magnet systems ensure efficient continuous recovery of strongly and weakly magnetic materials, electrostatic separators are used for the final upgrading of concentrates.

ERGA conducts preliminary testing of Customer’s material to select processes of raw material concentration and the number of separation stages depending on characteristics of the product.

  • Compact automatic complex with intuitive Touch Screen control

Minimum footprint due to installation of several machines on one metal structure increases the speed of separation and reduces labor costs. The process is controlled using touch screen control panel and function buttons. The control panel is a 7-inch high-definition touch screen with user-friendly interface: 3 levels of access to settings (operator, engineer, service specialist). In addition to settings of main operating parameters of the product, it is possible to save settings of separation parameters for every type of material.

  • Dry separation process

Dry separation process on ERGA magnetic and electrostatic separators improves the quality of material separation with less power consumption and no time and money spent on water and drying*.

* comparing to wet separation method

  • Wide range of settings

Required separation mode is selected for every separator individually. Fine adjustments of splitters of the drum separators, ERGA DrumMag M drum speed and RollMag belt speed provide accurate separation. Control of voltage and rotation frequency of the collecting electrode, position of the corona discharge and deflecting electrodes ensure premium quality of the product.

  • Easy assembly and operation

Intelligent design of the entire Resoline complex with minimum maintenance, easy assembly of all components with bolted connections and commissioning is the ideal solution to the problem of concentration and separation of material.

Easy access to operating areas via inspection windows and a service platform are provided.

  • Have difficulties choosing or haven’t found what you are looking for?

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ERGA designs and manufacturers Resoline complete solutions according to the Customer’s specifications. Selection of the line components depends on the task and can include vibrating feeders, screens, conveyors and other industrial equipment of our production.
You can additionally order spare parts kit depending on line components to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.

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