Operation Principle


Sortika VP optical separator provides separation of recyclables (cullet, WEEE, mixed metals) and minerals (talc, magnesite, limestone, quartz) with particle size from 5 to 100 mm with separation efficiency up to 99.99%.

  • Obtaining high-quality recyclables and concentrates

Individual sorting program is selected depending on characteristics and composition of feed material. Fine-tuning of the parameters for rejection (color, transparency, shape, time and duration of ejector opening, background light intensity) ensures achieving up to 99.99% efficiency of separation and claening of feed material.

  • High operational reliability

Sortika VP optical separator is specially designed for reliable operation with abrasive recyclables and mineral raw materials. A quick-detachable metal lining is installed on the surface in contact with material, boxes with electronics are protected from external dust and moisture.

  • User-friendly and fast setting

Control panel for easy separation mode settings, is a 17-inch high-definition touch screen. The developed software with user-friendly interface allows you to quickly adjust the equipment considering individual characteristics of material and has 3 levels of access to settings (operator, engineer, service specialist). In addition to settings of main operating parameters of the machine, it is possible to save settings of separation parameters for every type of material.

  • Two stages of separation in one housing

Installation of two rows of ejectors for rejection provides getting 3 fractions different in color, shape, transparency in one stage of separation, or maximum cleaning of material in case of high contamination with impurities. This will reduce the number of other installations, including conveyors, and improve the quality of material separation with lower financial and time costs.

  • Automatic cleaning of detection area

Automatic cleaning of the detection zone surface eliminates equipment downtime and maintains separation efficiency without longtime maintenance shutdowns.

  • Continuous diagnostics and automatic protection system

The diagnostic system continuously monitors main parameters of the equipment operation (the number of valve actuations, pressure in the system, temperature in the electronics boxes and material buildup in the detection zone). In case of emergency mode, the protection system is activated, stops operation of the equipment and gives visual and sound signal to the operator.

  • Remote monitoring and control

The remote monitoring and control system allows you to monitor separation parameters and quickly adjust the equipment to changes in the characteristics of the feed raw materials - changes in shade, transparency, composition, size of impurities.

  • Application: recycling

- Removal of stones, ceramics, plastic from cullet;

- Separation of cullet by color;

- Separation of copper from aluminum;

- Recycling of electrical appliances;

- Recycling of LED lamps;

- Cable recycling;

- PCB recycling;

- Recycling of plastic window profiles;

- Recycling of slag after MSW incineration (IBA).

  • Application: mining

- Placer deposits of precious metals (Au, Ag);

- Nonmetal ores and materials: limestone, quartz, dolomite, talc, magnesite.

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Series-produced models of SORTIKA VP optical separators are given in the table. Customized solutions can be designed according to the order requirements.
Model Qty of rejection stages Operating area length, mm Power, kW Dimenstions (LxWxH),mm
Sortika VP-1 600 1 600 4 2800х850х1700
Sortika VP-1 1200 1 1200 6 2800х1700х1700
Sortika VP-2 600 2 600 6 2800х850х1700
Sortika VP-2 1200 2 1200 8 2800х1700х1700

You can additionally order spare parts kit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment:
  • Lining
  • Wiper of the cleaning brush
  • Block of ejectors
For this type of equipment it is possible to integrate REMOS remote monitoring system, which allows you to monitor the state of the separator in real time. Available options are:
  • Access to complete information about operation of the machine (operation / idle, operating modes, error decoding, cleaning period)
  • Power supply sensor
  • Monitoring operation of electric motors (in case of variable speed drive)
  • Incoming switch and contactors position control sensor
  • Equipment downtime monitoring
  • Door status control (open / closed)
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Machine operation mode (off, on)
  • Pressure sensor

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